Boxed Layout

Check the boxed layout option if you want to disply your website in a boxed scheme.

Colors and Typography

These set of settings lets you define the color scheme of your theme, the font family, size and color for each and every typed word on your theme, customize your theme’s style and show everyone how creative you can be.

Let’s take an overview over the main different toys you would like to play with.

Template Color

Go ahead and navigate to General Style, the first option you’ll see is called Template Color ( one and the same for Colored Elements ), which is basically the Theme’s main color, you got Circle Flip in magnificent red, Change that red to which ever color you want, by choosing one from the drop down menu under Template Color or define your own using the color picker from under Theme Color.


Edit the font type, color and size for almost every single typed word on your site. here’s a list of things you can change:


Menu ( navigation menu )


Breaking Title ( breaking news bar )

Breaking Text ( breaking news bar )


Footer Title


Widget’s Title 

Widget’s Text 


Archives Page Title

Archives Page Date

Archives Post Title

Date in Circle Style


Site Map Title

Site Map Text