Sliders Settings

Creating and editing your sliders have never been that easy, your theme options provides poweful tools for slider creation and customization.

Create New Slider

Creating a new slider is as easy as typing your new slider’s name, click Add, Refresh and you’re good to go. once you refresh your page you will see a new sub-menu item under Slider Settings, with your slider’s name on it.

Custom Slider settings

Go to your slider’s sub-menu, Choose Slider Type, Add slides with a click of a button, and the editor will display slide options available for the type selected.

Slider Types

Nivo Slider

with Sliders and our awesome <a href=””>content builder</a> Sliders can go anywhere, with Nivo Slider, it’s your best friend for adding a pretty simple yet cool images slider.

Add any numbers of slides, simply attach your images, provide titles for the slides and add links for each image if you wish, Save Options. and you’re all set with your slider.

Now you’re slider is ready, add it anywhere to any page using the Content Builder.


Accordion Slider

show off your work with this cool slider, add title and text to each slide, apply your custom attributes to them, Enjoy your new slider.

  • Slide 1

    Slide 1

    Shades :)

  • Slide 2

    Slide 2

    New Lense

  • Slide 3

    Slide 3


3D Slider

3D Slider is a very cool image slider with 3D effects shuffling through the show.

Just like the Nevo Slider, you simply Add your slides, attach your images, provide titles and add links. you get the extra option of selecting the slide’s text attributes in terms of color, size, and font family.

Again, don’t forget to Save Options

  • image1

    Slide Title

  • image1

    Slide 2 title

Elastics Slider

Elastic Slider A very cool slide show, with your predefined thumbnails, and awesome text animation.

Edit your slider by Adding slides, assigning Images and Thumnails for each slide, edit the style of your text, add it to your desired page, in your desired positon, with your easy to use Content Builder.

  • Sun shining

    Endless possipilties

  • Focus

  • Current

Slide 1 title

Slide 2 text

Slide 2 title

Slide 2 text

Slide 3 title

Slide 4 title

Slide 4 text

Slide 5 title

Slide 5 text

Vertical Accordion Slider

Vertical Accordion Slider shows your slides in an accordion like panels, scrolling vertically.

Each slide can hold buttons, edit your slider the way you like, adding one, two or three buttons.