Template Blog Page

If you are planning on having a page used for blog posts or simillar content, you would like to choose the page template [Blog Page] in the meta box labeled [Page attributes] when you’re creating/editing that page, and here on our Theme Options Menu, you would find the  selected options for that page.

Posts per Page

Choosing how many post to show per page have never been easier. just type in the number of desiered posts per page, and Voila, it’s done.

Selected Categories

Here you can select the specific categories to display posts from, use command [ctrl] button to select multiple categories or don’t select any to get posts from all categories.

Display Views Count

 In Circle Flip, each time a post is viewed a counter counts how many people have visited this post, you can display this on your posts by selecting this option.

Display Date

Not ALL of us want to show the publish date of posts! this options makes your life easier, by one click you can show/hide publish date of posts.

Display Author Name

Just like with the Display Date, sometime showing the Author Name is not quite right for your page, clicking this would show/hide the author of all posts in the Template Blog Page.

Order Direction

So, do you want your posts to be displayed Old first New last? or vice versa?
this option enables you to select the order in which your posts are displayed on your page, Ascending would show Older posts first, while Descending would show freshly published post first.

Read More Button Text

bored of the Read More button that loads the rest of your post? here you can change it to whatever you want. change the text here and Save Options.