Tags Pages

Tags Pages are those pages that you’ll find yourself into if you click on a tag included in a Tag Cloud or if you click a Tag found at the end of a certain post.

These collection of options help you define how this pages would look like.

Page Layout

Select your preferred layout for the tags page, would you like a right, left or no sidebar at all?

Page Sidebar

Once you’ve decided where you want  to show a sidebar (if any) Select which one to show.

The drop down menu will list all of your Sidebars, you simply choose one. Feel free to <a href=”http://docs.creiden.com/circleflip/theme-options-2/sidebars/”>create a sidebar</a> specially for the tags page.

Posts per Page

Now select the number of posts to show per page, say you clicked on a tag named “Music” and you had 10 posts with the tag “Music” added to them, this options sets how many (if any) to show in each page.

Order Direction

Set the order in which the selected posts appear in, this order is applied according to the publish date of these posts.