Posts Page

Also known as Single, but it’s simply the page you see when you click on read more or open a paricular post. set these options to affect the way those kind of pages look like.


The General Style your page will follow, you’ve got two different styles to choose from, set this option to the one that suits you better, to get a feel of how they would look like, take a quick look at those 2 images here.

Sidebar settings

Two main options are found here, you either set the sidebar to Singular or Global.

Singular means that any single page will apply it’s own rules for sidebars, when creating/editing a post you set the sidebar options for that post. selecting this options means that the theme will respect each post’s settings regarding the sidebar.

Global means that you override the singular options set for each post and apply the options you set here, if you select this option some new settings will appear so that you can set the way all your single pages display sidebars.

-Post Global Sidebar position: sets the right, left or no sidebar.

-Post Page Global Sidebar: select one of your predefined sidebars.

Default Post Image

To keep a uniform look for your web site, set a default image to be added to every post published that image would show IF no featured image is set for the post this option is really handy if you add the same featured image for every post or simply used to add your logo to each post with no featured image.

Post Displays

Customize the posts pages to the max, next you’ll get Six Display options, which are show/hide settings for your page not all of us want to show everything related to the post, control what to show and hide details like Post Image, Author details, Social Shares Icons, Views Count ( how many people have viewed this post ), Comments Count, and the Related Posts section.

Related Posts

Select one of the two options regarding the related posts section, would you like to show posts that are related to the one you’re viewing in terms of categories, or show related posts published by the same author?

Set also the number of related posts you want to show for each Post


Comments are added either by your WordPress users or facebook accounts, set which to show both, one of them, or none at all!