Maintenance Mode Settings

Settings here reflect the way your Site Under Construction page looks like when Maintenance Mode is on.

Maintenance Logo

Set the Maintenance Logo for your maintenance page, Choose one from the Media library or Upload a new one.


Maintenance Background

Set the Maintenance Background Image for your maintenance page, just like with the logo choose one from the Media library or Upload a new one.


Maintenance Page Title

Set the Title for your Maintenance page, this is what would often be something like “Site under construction”.

Count-Down Title

Type in the title you want to add just before the count down time, maybe something like “Time left” or “Launching in..”

Maintenance Page Social Media Links

Next up is a list of almost every Social Media out there, Set the Link to your business’ facebook, twitter, LinkedIn….etc

Know More

In case you feel Social Media links are not enough, you get a Know More section where you could add some more details for your visitors.

-Know More Text: This defines the title for the section, leave it at Know More or define you’re own, it could be “Find out More” or something like it.

-Know More Title: This is basically your company’s Name, defining that the following content would be something about your organization.

-Know More Paragraph: Type in something about your company, about the website, and what you offer or will offer, it’s an about you section really!

-Know More Mail: You could set a mail for people to get in tough with you and ask more direct questions if they are intrested.

-Know More Phone: If you would like to add a phone number for your visitors to conatact you in.

-Know More Fax: You could also set a fax number here.

Anyway define the sections you need to add, and leave blank the one you don’t need.

Watch the Video

Watch the <a href=””>Maintenance Mode video</a> and get a step by step guide to setting your maintenance page.