Header Settings

Circle Flip offers you eight professional predefined Headers, and each and every aspect about them is customizable, giving you a fully custom header meeting your expectations.

Header Style

Select your header’s style, choose the one the suits you best, the style chooser gives you a look at the header and it’s contents. A header could contain Top Left and Top Right areas (used for adding your contact information or social media buttons), Main Navigation menu ( could be click-to-show or a menu alligned according to your choice), Ad area, Breaking bar (showing your most viewed articles and posts), and even a Slider.

Header Sticky

This option does exactly what it says ” it sticks the header on top of the screen “.

A very useful feature if you don’t want to scroll all the way up to find your main navigation menu or your social media buttons, this way the header “sticks” to the top of your browser while you scroll down your site.

Ad Area Settings

If you like to add an Ad to your Header, or simply want to assign something else to the Ad area of your sidebar, here is where you get what you need, select the option that suits you better.

If you choose Advertisment please specify the Ad Image and the Ad Link below.

Header Revolution Slider Shortcode

If you wish to add a Slider to your header, here is where you do it, Type in the Shortcode for the your Revolution Slider.

for more about about Revolution Slider please check the Rev Slider <a href=”http://themepunch.com/codecanyon/revolution_wp/documentation/”>documentation page.</a>

Contact Info

Edit your Header Contact infromation, what you type here is what shows anywhere you select Contact on your chosen Header.

Header Height

Select the Height of your Header, although we recommend using the default 137 pixels header height.

Breaking News

Saw that Awsome Breaking Bar on our header? Here is where you activate your own Breaking bar, once you click on the check box, you will get a variety of option for you your bar.

Breaking Title: The title of the your breaking news bar.

What to Show: select Newest Posts or Custom News.

-Newst Posts: Does what it says, it finds the most recent posts added on your website.

-Custom News: If you select this option, you will be able to define what the bar would display, get creative and                                                                                share your news.

Number of Posts: Select the number of posts you want the bar to show.

Categories: Select the categories you want to show news from.

Custom Content: Define the content you want to show ( when you select Custom News ) each news item seperated by a coma.