Advanced Section under General Setting in your Theme Options helps you in tweaking your WordPress powered site. Here is where you add you additional CSS and JS, and where you define some of the defaults all over the theme. it’s a very important section if you are a perfectionist and want your site to be The Site.


Responsive: if you don’t know what responsive means, it’s what makes your site look great on mobile devices as great as it looks on your PC, if you want mobile viewers to enjoy your creation, without having to scroll all over the pages to see it, Enable Responsive.


RTL: stands for (Right-to-left) this is a language setting, if your site supports multiple languages, and one of them is RTL (written from right to left) check this option so that the content of your site looks more reasonable to your international viewers.

Google Analytics Code

Google Analytics Code: set your google analytics code here, simply paste your code here, save options and your’re done.

If you want to know more about google analytics <a href=””>check it here</a>.

Custom CSS

The place where you would put your own styles, insert your CSS code here.

we recommend using media scanners when dealing with this option so that your styles affect only the screen size you determine. You don’t need adding <script> tags here.

Custom JS

Add your custom made Java Script/jQuery code here, No tags required here too. It’s your theme!! and you control it all.

Login Page Logo

Set your own logo for your site’s WordPress login page.

Default Blocks Animation

Using the Content Builder you create Blocks, and those blocks have an animation effect of how they show up on the screen, here you can set the default to your favourite or most used animation so that you can save time choosing it for each block you create.