Backup & Restore

When you’re happy with the options you currently have it’s always a wise idea to save those settings as a backup incase anything goes wrong, or when you just simply need to go back to how it was after you’ve changed stuff and you don’t like it anymore.


Happy with your curret set of settings? click on Backup and now you have a safety net to fall back onto whenever needed.


Changed some settings and decided you don’t like them? want to get back to where you liked it without having to change each one back? click on Restore and you’re done.

Export Options

If you want to keep more than one revision of your options, then copy this code here, and keep it saved somewhere safe.

it’s recommended to keep a copy of that code before you Backup or Restore your options, just in case.

Import Options

If you have a saved options set (copied from the Export Options block) and you want to reset your options to that specific revision, paste the code here, and click on Save Options.