Post Formats

Selecting the appropriate format for each post gives you the best representation and functionality for each post, Select the post type that best describes the post you’re creating/editing from the Post Formats box on the post Publish/Edit page.

Standard Format

The Standard Format, is what you would use if you’re planing on having a post with text and no more than one picture set as the featured photo. nothing special here, it’s your every day wordpress post.

Gallery Format

Now if you’re having a post with multiple images, or what we call a gallery, you’d be better of with the gallery post format. once you’ve selected Gallery, you’ll get a new options box like this one here.

Add Images to your gallery post by clicking Select and choose one of these 4 awesome layouts. There is no better way to add a gallery post.

Audio Format

If your post is about an Audio clip, Select the Audio format from the Format meta box in the Publish/Edit post page and you’ll get this extra box displayed here.

Choose between uploading an Audio file to your Audio Library  or paste in the Embed Code from SoundCloud or simillar websites 

Video Format

Select Video from the Format box if you’re adding a Video post. once you select the video format, you’ll get the Video meta box.

Like the Audio Format, you can either Upload or add the Video Embed code.