Use Portfolios to share your success, Portfolios are a great way to show off your previous work and your scheduled work too, you can use them to post a job like Ad, display what is needed for this or that project.

Have fun creating your portfolio in a uniform cool way.

New Portfolio

If you click on New Portfolio or add new portfolio item from the quick +New menu at the top of your wp-admin bar, you’ll get a page simillar to the Add New/Edit Post page.

Set your main content describing your project, set your featured image, add gallaeries and all the basic functions of a post.

Note that portfolios have their own categories and tags, define those from the portfolio menu or add them as you go when creating portfolio items.

The Portfolio Box

This is what make portfolios different from regular posts, you’ll find a box called portfolio meta simillat to this one here on your New/Edit portfolio page.

You’ll get two main options to set, the first is Layout, you’ve got two layouts to choose from, to give you an idea about how your project portfolio (portfolio item) will look like, see the 2 images down here.

Your second set of options are the Project Details, which contain a Key and a Value, set as many as you need with the add button, and use the remove to delete un-wanted details, if you’re wondring what are those check the images we just saw.

1- The image you’re seeing is the featured image for the portfolio item.

2- The word Photography is the portfolio item’s title.

3- The long text below that word is the main content.

4- The sets of details under Project Details are the Key-Value sets we defined.

To set a page showing your portfolio items, simply Add a new page, set the template to Portfolio.

To edit the portfolio template style go to Theme Options >> Page Settings >> Portfolio page.