After you have successfully installed CircleFlip and Plugins recommended and needed by the Theme, you’ll find the Plugin WP Maintenance Mode under Plugins >> Installed Plugins

Go ahead and activate your plugin to start setting your Under Construction settings.


Maintenance Mode Settings

Your main settings for the under construction page can be found at Appearence >> Theme Options >> Maintaenance Page you can find the full documentation for that page here on our documentation site.


Activating Maintenance Mode

Navigate to Plugins >> Installed Plugins and find WP Maintenance Mode Plugin, and click on settings, you’ll find the Plugin Activate drop down menu, Select True to set Maintenance Mode on.

Setting Count Down Timer

If you’re working on a schedule and have a date in mind to launch your site, it’s always nice to add a count down timer letting your visitors know when will you be back in business.


Set your Countdown option to True from the drop down menu, and click on Date to set the day and time of your Grand Launch.

 Finally add the %1$s in the Text field to show the count down timer by Seconds, and If you wish you could add the %2$s to display the date set on the timer.