Installing CircleFlip

Step 1

After you’ve downloaded the theme CircleFlip, Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and head to Appearence >> Themes, click on Add New 


Step 2

Click on Upload Theme.


Step 3

Click on Choose file and navigate your PC to the directory containing your CircleFlip Download, then hit Install Now.

WordPress should start uploading your theme, wait for it to finish and go to then next step.

Step 4

Navigate to your Themes under Appearence again, you’ll find your new CircleFlip theme installed, hover over the theme’s thumbnail and click Activate.


if you’re having trouble uploading the theme through WP due to memory limitations on PHP or WP itself, please check out <a href=””>ftp installation guide.</a>

Step 5

After you activate the theme you’ll get a notification message with needed plugins, click on Begin Installing plugins and kick back for a few minutes while WordPress adds your plugins and then you’re now able to enjoy your new theme.

What’s Next


A good start would be getting your<a href=””> General Settings </a>underway or maybe you would like to set your <a href=””> Maintenance Mode </a>on to give you visitors something to look forward to while you customize your new theme.