bbPress Plugin is the best plugin there is to create and manage forums, and Circle Flip is 100% bbPress ready, if you’re looking to create a forum for your site, or already using bbPress and wandring if Circle Flip will support it, have no fear it’s all here.

once you install your plugin you’ll get extra items under your wp-admin top menu New, add new Forums, Topics or Replies, the top menu is accessible to admins through the front-end, which makes life much more easier if you want to add a quick reply.

The main features of bbPress would be added to your dashboard menu, edit your forums and replies, create new topics and monitor the bbPress world of your site.

How to Install the Plugin

To add the plugin to your WP Site. please go to Plugins in your WP-Admin menu, click on Add New, Search for “bbPress”.

you’ll get a list of plugins, bbPress should be on top of the list, click on Install Now, now WP will download and install bbPress, and once it’s done click on Activate Plugin and you’re all set with bbPress for your WP site.

Circle Flip offers fully Styled pages compatible with bbPress, enjoy your plugin with no fear of it not working with your theme.

for more about bbPress please visit