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WordPress Header Builder

The First of it’s Kind

Add as many rows as you need, no more limits to how your header will look like.

Choose one of the modules to add to your rows, set each to your preferred settings.

Select the perfect layout for your header with the Header Settings, need a transparent slider with a logo and you menu? no problem.

Want your header to be displayed below a slider? you got it!

Want a Header with 3 rows, one for social icons, one for your logo, and one for your menu? You now can!

How about making the menu row the only sticky one? Sure!

It’s really up to your imagination to build your perfect header

Start by going to Appearance >> Header Builder


Give you header a name and let’s start building


The Process is really simple, fewer yet powerfull controls will get you on the right way, easily!


Click, or drag a module to building area.

Note that all elements need to be in a “Row”

Start by adding a row, and add some elements for it.

For this example I’ll use a Logo, and a Menu

Set your row settings including:

Row Height (Narrow or  Large)

Background Color

Content Color (Dark or Light)



Setting your Header’s Settings:

Header Type (Default or Overlayed)

Overlayed Header will give you a transparent header that will be on top of your first element of the page.

Content Color:

Select Dark if you have light colored content behind the slider, or Light if your page is darker.