The Content Builder is simple and easy to use, yet it’s powers are great, Import & Export options enable you to export the awesome page you just built, and import it on another page, and with the great feature Import/Export block you can choose one or multiple blocks to add into another page. ( for the Import/Export Block feature check here. )

Export Page Blocks


Build or navigate to the page you would like to export. Click on the Export button, now navigate to the meta box shown on the right, copy that code, and you’re all set!

Import Page Blocks

Now navigate to/create the page you would like to import the builder blocks into, click on the click here to import a block text, now paste-in the code you copied in here, and you’ll have all the blocks imported in that page.

Export All builder templates

You can also import all the templates saved by you. Click on export, and copy the export all builder’s templates box.

Import All builder templates

Just Click on Import and paste-in the code you just copied from the Export all Builder’s templates. there you have it, you’ve imported all the templates.