Twitter Block

Adding a Twitter feed is super easy in Circle Flip. Use the Content Builder to add a Twitter feed in just a few easy steps, and place the block you create anywhere in any page.

WordPress Twitter feed

Twitter Feed Title

Give your Twitter feed a title or leave it blank if you don’t plan on showing a title on top of your feed.

Twitter Feed Title Icon

If you choose to give your feed a title, you get to set the option of having an icon to display to left of your title.

Twitter User Name

Here is where you set the Twitter user name you want to show the feed from.

Number of Tweets

Set the number of Tweets you wish to show on the feed, Tweets will be displayed based on their freshness, the feed will update automatically whenever a new tweet is added from the user you’re showing his/her tweets.


Animation: choose how you would like your Twitter feed to animate itself on the screen.

for more about how to set the default value for this option, check the <a href=””>Advanced Settings</a> page.