Testimonials Block

Got some testimonials and want to show them off? Use this block to show off your customers’ reviews with style.

Testimonials Title

Set the title for your testimonails block here, type in the suitable title for these testimonials.

Testimonials Title Icon

Choose the option With Icon if you want to show an icon next to the title of your block, Without Icon will leave the title without an icon.

Testimonials Title Icon

Arrows Type: select between Arrows or Bullets or None for your testimonial slider.

This option sets the way you navigate your testimonials.

We’ve set three demos for you here to get the feel of how they look like.

Testimonials Style

Select One of these 2 styles, a preview about the layout you choose is given for you so that you can select the one you like with more confidence.

Testimonials Animation

choose one of the different animations to change the way your block animates it self onto the screen when a viewer scrolls it into view for the first time.

 for more about animations and how to set the default animation for all blocks, check advanced settings.

Testimonials Group

A Group represents a testimonial set, which is a quote from a person or comapny typed in the area labeled Text, an image, Name of the person saying the quote, and finally the job title for that person.

Click the Add New button if you want to add more testimonials to this block.