Short Codes Block

A very handy block, whenever you want to add some shortcode content, don’t just put it in the middle of the page, this Block will keep your short codes organized within the page and offer some additional options as well.

Short Code Content

The are where you define the shortcode it self, this is the area that might contain something like [rev_ slider Home Slider], where in this example of a short code, I am calling a revolution slider to this page, and I want it to show the slider with the alias Home Slider.


Short Code Margin Bottom

Set the number of pixels you want to seperate the content of this short code, and the block below it, the higher the number the wider the space.


Short Code Block Width

Use this option if you want to overide the width of your block, if you select Full Width this will display the block as a 12/12 wide block and will ignore the width of it on the page editor.