Pricing Table Block

Pricing Tables are an Ad like area, where you could make an eye catching display for a certain product, Add the features of your product, some marketing phrases and set the link of your product on the button of this Pricing Table.

Main Title

The first thing you see, all in bold and centered at the top of your table. Set it to the name of your product or any catch phrase you like.


Set the price for your product. Remeber to add your currency too.

Pricing Table Highlighted?

This option is best explained by a demonstration. check the two pricing table down here. The one to the left is set to highlighted and the one to the right is not highlighted, What happens is that a highlighted block is kind of popping out with its colors, while the not highlighted block lights up when you hover over it.



  • Feature 1

  • Feature 2

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not Highlighted


  • Feature 1

  • Feature 2

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Pricing Table Button

Text: Edit the text of the button, this text displays on the button in the block.

Link: Set where you want to redirect the clicker of that button, to the product page maybe.

Pricing Table Features

Features are those things that your product offers, check out the Price Table below for a mobile phone.

Set any number of features for your block, Click Add New to add more features.



  • 1 GB RAM

  • Quad Core Processor

  • 7" LED screen

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