Posts Block

Adding posts to a certain page have never been easier, with the Content Builder’s Posts Block you’ll customize where and how to show your posts.

Block Title

Title: set the title of your block, this adds a title on top of all the posts added.

Title Icon

Title Icon: select With Icon if you want to display the CF default Icon next to title of your posts block.

check out the title down here to get an idea of how this works.

Post Shape

Post Shape: Select the shape of your posts, it’s either a Circle or Square. If you choose Circle, you can then choose between 4 awesome animantions under - Hover Style: this defines what happens when a user’s mouse gets over the post.

if you go with Square the - Hover Layout changes and gives you different options, with a preview of how the posts will look when a mouse cursor is over them.

you also get a Masonry check box, check it if you want your posts displaying in masonry style.

Which posts to show?

Now you get to select which posts to show? you get three options here, latest posts, popular, or selected.

Selected posts option gives you another option, and displays the menu below, in which you get to select particular posts to show in this block.

Reload Section

If you enable the Reload Section you’ll get a tiny relaod button on top of your posts, which reloads the section and adds any newly added posts since the last time you loaded that section.


Animation: select the way your posts animate them selfs onto the screen. choose one of the pretty cool animations available.

for more about how to set the default value for this option, check the <a href=””>Advanced Settings</a> page.