List Block

List Block is the cleanest way to add a static list of text items in your page, easy and stylish, add your list items and assign icons to each of them.


  • Easy to build

  • Goes Anywher

  • Sweet Icons

  • Looks Great

List Item

Ready to add your list items? expand the New Text block to edit the text of your item, Add New to add new list items.

Remember that you can add HTML tags here and go a step further with your list.

List Item Icon

If you wish, you can add an Icon to the list’s item. Click on Pick an Icon  and an icon selector will pop-up, choose the icon that suits your list best, and you’re good to go.

List Animation

Choose how your List animate it self on the screen when a user scrolls in it’s view.

for more about how to set the default value for this option, check the <a href=””>Advanced Settings</a> page.