Image Block

Add your Images in a clean mess free way, where you don’t mix it with your content, yet display it as a part of your content.

Image Hover

If you want to have an effect shown on your image whenever someone hovers their mouse cursor on it and/or want to point the clicker of your image somewhere. choose one of the three layouts and modify the extra setting that appear.

PrettyPhoto: check this option if you want to enable the pretty photo viewer. If you want to get the feel of this, click on the image below this text.

Image Link

Image Link: simply type ( paste ) in the link you want to redirect the clicker of the image to.

Image Animation

Choose the way your image block animate it self onto the screen. select on of these animations and you’ll get a preview that will give you an idea about how your image will animate.

Check out <a href=””>Advanced Settings</a> to set the default animation for blocks.