Headings Block

Add your headings in blocks using the Content Builder, makes them easier to find in your page for later modifications.

Enjoy the variety of styles you can apply to you heading.

Heading text

Text: this field simply specifies the content of your heading. What you would like it to say.

Heading size

Size: Set the size of your heading, this setting is the default sizes of the <h> elements of HTML.

Tip: you can edit the defaults for the heading in the Style Options, General Style section under <a href=”http://docs.creiden.com/circleflip/theme-options-2/style-settings-2/”>Theme Options</a>

Heading Color

 Color: Select the color of your heading using the color picker. You can also paste in the Hex Color if you prefer.

Heading Type ( Icons )

Here is where you choose if you would like to have an icon displayed to the left of your heading, choosing with default icon would display Circle Flip’s default icon, however if you choose upload your own you would get a new field, click on Pick Icon  and choose one of these awesome icons for your heading.

Heading Align

Choose the alignment of your heading, the alignment is relative to the size of the block.

Heading Margin Bottom

Set the number of pixels you want to be added under your heading and before your content, the higher the number you set, the wider the space between the heading and the block below it get.

Heading font style ( Bold )

This is an easy one, if you want your heading to be displayed in Bold you can select that option here.

Heading Animation

Choose how your heading animate itself onto the screen, choose on of these animations, and a preview would give you an idea about how your heading would look like the first time a user scrolls it into view.

to set the default animation for all blocks with your favourite animation check <a href=”http://docs.creiden.com/circleflip/theme-options-2/general-settings/advanced/”>Advanced Settings</a>.