Google Maps Block

There is no depate about how good Google are with maps. Adding Google maps to your site have just got easier, with the Content Builder and the Google Maps Block.


Guide the map to where you want it to point. Specify the Address by typing some thing like “Times Square, Ny” or use the more simple option of clicking on Map and you’ll get a map poping out where you can point to the adress on it.

Map Type

Choose between a Static Map or a Dynamic one, a Static map will only show an image of the map, the dynamic option will provide the full functionality of a google map.

Extend Anchor

 The Extend Anchor adds a (+ / – ) bar to the map so that you can extend it to the full width of the page with a click of a button without distorting the arrangement you’ve made with your blocks.

check this map on the left with the Anchor, and that one on the right without it.

Display Marker

Check the Display Marker on the Front-End option if you’re pointing to the exact place on your map, if you’re just pointing to the whole area, discard this option so that you won’t confuse the viewer with your intention.

The marker is that red thing falling from the sky :D