FAQ Block

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, a very helpful section of any web site, FAQs are what users are most probably to ask, -How are payments maid? -How can i reach you? -How can i join? are examples for FAQ questions.

Use the FAQ block to build your own frequently asked questions easily.

FAQ Block Animation

choose one of the different animations to change the way your block animates it self onto the screen when a viewer scrolls it into view for the first time.

for more about animations and how to set the default animation for all blocks, check <a href=”http://docs.creiden.com/circleflip/theme-options-2/general-settings/advanced/”>Advanced Settings</a>.

FAQ Tabs

Once you expand the FAQ 1 tab, you’ll get a set of options which consist of two main parts.

1- Question and Answer

Question is where you type in the Question that might be asked frequently.

Answer the answer for that question.

2- Category, Delete and New

A great way to help the reader reach his question faster is by categorizing your questions, type in categories here and they’ll be associated with that question.

Categories will appear on top of the FAQ block and once you click on a category, all answers for that category will be the ones in view and will hide all other questions.

Add New if you want to add another question.

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How can I add a FAQ block?

Edit the selected page, on your editor drag-and-drop the FAQ block to the Content Builder editing area, or simply click on the FAQ block and one will appear in the editing area.

How can I a Jedi?

Use the force.

Can I pay for Circle Flip's Support with any currency?

Sorry no, we accept hugs and thank yous only :)