Divider Block

The Divider Block is used in almost every Circle Flip page, Use the Divider to outline the start and end of each section or to add a separator between othe blocks, or simply if you want some white space somewhere in your page.

Divider Style

Divider Style: define the style of your divider, choose None if you’re planning on using your divider as a white area separator. Choose Line or Dotted if you want a line styled separator to separate your content sections, the last option Image let’s you upload an Image to use as your divider.

Divider Height

If you Select None, the only other option you get is the one you need, Height: Define the height of your white space, height is measured in pixels.

Divider Lines

Selecting a Divider Style of Line or Dotted, gives you some more options for your divider.

-How Many Lines: specify how many horizontal lines you want your divider to be composed of.

-Divider Thickness: Use this option to set the thickness of your line, thickness is measured in pixels.

-Pick Line Color: Use the handy Color Picker to set the color of your line divider, choose from the color pallete of paste in the Hex Color you like.

Divider Image

If you’re setting an Image Divider, an Image uploader will show, enabling you to select the image you want. Adjust the Height of the Divider to show larger images.

Content Builder Tip

Use the Divider Block to Fill White Spaces in your page if you need to, sometimes you might want to add 2 small blocks on top of each other but can’t because the Builder will keep rolling the block below next to the one above it. use an Empty Divider (style None) to keep your blocks in the desired place