Have a lot going on in your page, things starting to look fuzzy from all the content you’re adding to your content builder? You need Columns, use columns to organize your blocks, sectionize your content and keep your work space tidy.

Background color

This option, Background Color, let’s you specify (if you want to) a background color for the coloum and it’s content, you can use the color picker to choose your color or paste-in your Hex color.

Background Image

If you decide that you’re column needs a background Image, use the uploader to choose one from your media library or upload one.


If you’re reading this and thinking something like ” Padding! isn’t that the fluffy stuff that goes into my couch? ” well, padding is the space between the elements inside the column and the border of that column.

If you want to know more about padding see W3schools‘ tutorial, and the best way to get an visual idea about this is to try it out. Check also the HTML Box Model.


Parallax: This options gives you the cool effect when scrolling, check this section’s background picture, get that feel scrolling up and down, that’s parallax!

Map Background

This option graps the first map it finds in the column and sets it as a background image for the column, this way you can add whatever you like on top of a map, for a Contact-Us page as an example.