Clients Block

Adds a slider to show your clients’ images and redirect users to links set for each image.

but here is a tip “feel free to use this block in anyway you like, you don’t have to use it for clients, you can show any number of titled clickable images with it.”


Set the title for this block. Our Clients may be reasonable, but feel free to use any title you like.

Title Icon

Choose With Icon if you want to display an icon next to your title. Without Icon will display the title only.

Clients Number

Set the number of clients you want to show on each slide, for example; if you set this field to 3 and you’re setting 9 clients, you’ll get 3 slides with 3 clients on each.


Clients are added in the form of tabs. each tap contains client Image and Link.

Use the Uploader to set your client’s image and type in or paste the link of that client.

Click on Add More if you want to add more clients.