Carousel Slider Block

Use the Content builder to add a carousel image slider anywhere in any page, it’s a really handy tool, and it’s quite easy to set too. 

Section Title

Section Title: add a title to appear on top of your carousel slider, you can leave it blank if you’re not planning on having a title.

Title Icon

Title Icon: Choose between adding an icon to go with your previously selected title, or choose the “without icon” option.

On-scroll Animation

On-screen Animation: Define the way the slider comes into the page, fade to righ, pop-out, fade-in. A preview will show on your editor to give you an idea about how the block will animate. Choose between six awesome animations or no animation at all.

For How-To set the default for this options visit 

<a href=””>Advanced Settings</a>

Carousel Items

Items: or more commonly known “slides” are the images of your slider.

- Image Link: adds a link for you image, so you can redirect the clicker to wherever you want.

- Image: the image showing on the slider, choose from your media library or upload a new one.

Add New: the add new button adds another item to your carousel, add as many as you need, edit each and enjoy your newely created carousel slider. 

Delete Item: click on the small trash pin on the top right of your editor to discard the current slide.


Carousel Items

This here is a carousel slider, entitled “Our Team”. All Images redirect to the Documentation home, and the slider is animated to fade-in the screen from right to left.