Buttons Buttons Buttons, add buttons every where in any size with any style, the Content Builder gives you a room for customizing your buttons.

Button Text

Text: Set the text displaying on your button.

Button Icon

Choose with or withour Icon: Check this box if you want to display an icon to the left of your button.

- icons: Choose an Icon for the button. click on Pick an ICon and select from the wide variety of icons available for you.

Button Shapes

Shape: select one of the three available shapes for your button.

Button Sizes

Size: select the size that suits your page best. you’ve got two options, small and large.

Button Colors

Color: select one of the custom button colors or set your own colors.

- Background Color: Set the background color for your button.

- Text Color: set the color of the text displaying on the button.

Button Colors

Align Direction:  choose the alignment of your button. say you got an 6 grid button on the builder, and the actual button actually takes only 2 grids (width of button is according to the text inside it, and the size chosen), and you want that button to appear on the far left of those 6 grids, choose left and you’re good to go.

Button Link

Button Link:  you will need to specify where do you go once you click on your button. set the target link here and your button will redirect users to it. for example: “https://www.creiden.com”

Choose Animation

Animation: Choose the way your button comes to the screen, choose from the list of animations, and check out the preview to get an idea about how your button will animate itself onto the screen.

To set the default for this options see <a href=”http://docs.creiden.com/circleflip/theme-options-2/general-settings/advanced/”>Advanced Settings</a>