Announcement Block

Announce every thing new in Style. Use the Announcement Block to advertise what’s new in an eye catching way that will let your users know your updates.

Announcement Content

Use the Content area to type in the text part of your announcemet. Get your message through the way you see best.

Announcement Icon

You can have an Icon displaying next to your announcement’s text, if you would like to add one, check the Announcement Icon box, and Click on Pick an Icon. You’ll get a variety of icons to choose from, choose the one that suits your announcement best.

Announcement Theme

Choose one of these 2 themes to be applied to your announcemet. We’ve added an example here for you to get an idea about how they would look like on your page.

Announcement Button

Every announcement come with an action button, this is the button that would say something like “Get the update!” or “Read more!”.  Set the button’s text here.

You can also add an Icon to show on the button itself, If you’ve decided that you want to add an icon, check the button icon check box, and use the icon picker to select one.

Choose the shape of your button, we’ve added some buttons here for you, to get a feel of how they look different from each other.


The Announcement Button shape in particular, adds some styling to your button’s text, it’s all Upper Cased letters, and are styled in Bold.

You can go one of two ways with the button color option, either choose one of the predefined colors or select your own custom colors, if you choose custom you can set the background color of the button and the button’s text color using the color picker.

Set the link that you want the clicker of the announcement’s button to go to, type or paste-in the link desired.

Announcement Block Animation

choose one of the different animations to change the way your block animates it self onto the screen when a viewer scrolls it into view for the first time.


for more about animations and how to set the default animation for all blocks, check <a href=””>Advanced Settings</a>.