Alerts Block

Alerts are used whenever you want to add a nifty looking, eye catching, poping up message to help your user notice something, Alerts come in different types and colors, feel free to match and mix your alerts to your pages.

Alert Title

Title: If you need your Alert popup to have a title, here is where you add your desired title.

An alert with a title.
No title for me? :(

Alert Content

Content: The Editor where you define exactly what you alert says. Apply styles to your text and make the Alert even more noticeable

Alert Type

Type: Choose one of the 5 Alert types to deliver your message the right way.

Type: Standard
Type: Info
Type: Notification
Type: Warning
Type: Tips

Alert Animation

Alert Animation: choose which animation suits your alert best, choose one of these animations.

for more about how to set the default value for this option, check the <a href=””>Advanced Settings</a> page.