Advertisement Block

Add advertisements using this block to display them anywhere on your page, whether it’s an Image or Google Adsense¬†advertisement.

Ad type

choose one of the two options available either it’s an Image Ad or Google Adsense Ad.

Let’s start with Image

Ad Image Link

Set the target Link for your Ad here, this is where the clicker of that image will be redirected.

Ad Image

Add your image either from your Media library or use the uploader to upload a new image for this Ad.

Google Adsense Ad

If you choose to set your Ad as a Google Adsense Ad. you’ll get different options which will look something like this.

Adsense Code

Paste in the Google Adsense code here and you’re all set with your add.

Ad Animation

choose one of the different animations to change the way your block animates it self onto the screen when a viewer scrolls it into view for the first time.  

for more about animations and how to set the default animation for all blocks, check <a href=””>Advanced Settings</a>