Header Row

In order to use any of the header builder’s blocks, a header row should be included. The header row is the container that carry all the other blocks.
In the Header builder, a header is defined to be a set of rows.

Header Row icon
Header Row

Row Height

Row height can be either Narrow or Large.
Row Height

Narrow Large rows

Background Color & Content Color

Each row can have it’s own background color. Select a color from the color picker and make sure to set the right content color for it. Content color affects the text and font colors, like the menu, social icons, text block and the button.
For example, if you pick a dark background, pick the light content option.

Row Background Content Color

Sticky Row

A Row can be sticky on it’s own, not the entire header just this one specific row.
A multiple set of rows can be sticky in the same header or all of them.
It can be set as sticky or not sticky, or even invisible but when the page scrolls the row will appear.

Invisible Sticky option allows you to use a row in sticky case only.
For example, you create a row that contains a logo and menu, but you to show only the menu in the sticky case. So you create a new row that contains only a menu and set it to be Invisible Sticky.
Sticky Row

In order to maintain your responsive layout, “Disable sticky on small devices” option is added.
If this option is checked, the row sticky function won’t work on small devices.
Disable Sticky