Got some testimonials and want to show them off? Use this block to show off your customers’ reviews with style.

Block modal

You can add multiple testimonials by Adding New, then you can edit/remove any testimonial.
By pressing on the expand icon, you can edit the single testimonial.


Single Testimonial

A Group represents a testimonial set, which is a quote from a person or comapny typed in the area Testimonial Text, Name, Job title of the person saying the quote, and finally the image for that person.


Testimonials Layout

Select One of these 6 layouts, a preview about the layout you choose is given for you so that you can select the one you like with more confidence.


Testimonials image shape

You can choose the shape of image you would like.
Circle , Square or Hexagonal.


Testimonials custom colors

Through custom colors option, you can control almost any color for the testimonial element such as border color, text color,client name color, client job title color. Just check the option and start changing the colors.

Otherwise if you leave it unchecked the colors will be matching the default theme colors you have already set from the theme options.