Page builder blocks are easy to use. You can build your entire page by dragging and dropping without any coding knowledge.
Each block has it’s own set of options and it can be used multiple times in the same page.
There’s 3 common option between blocks: “Block ID”, “Block Margin Bottom”, “Block Enterance Animation”.

Block ID

Each Block can have it’s own unique custom id / name .
Block ID

In order to navigate between multiple duplicate of the same block in a single page, block id will be displayed over each block in the page builder.
block id builder

Also, if you feel the need to customize a single block, block id will be added to the html.


Block Margin Bottom

Block margin bottom is the space between a block and the next one, it’s set to a default value of 30.

Block margin bottom

The next block is shifted by 60px

I am 60px away from the block above me but i have 0 margin bottom.

Block Enterance Animation

Block enterance animation can be seen on page scroll, on your first scroll the block will fade in with the chosen animation.

Block Entrance animation

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